The Website Launch

After living with the web for over 20 years now, I have developed very specific likes and dislikes about websites. In the early years, clicking through all of the layers of a website was fairly novel and was a little like leafing through the papers in a file drawers, something we were once all very familiar with. It seemed like the way the web should be organized – logically, but not particularly efficient. I confess that I rarely went onto our old website. Even as the public face of the firm, it seemed easy to let it be static. When it seemed time to update it, I went back through each project and clicked away hours of time navigating up and down in the site. It was not very friendly or efficient. It also had lots of things that really irritated me about other sites – lots of clicking on menus, no real mobile legibility and an archaic look. It seemed to be in the lost generation of the web. In launching the new site, it had to be more sophisticated and easily changed. We have minimized the clicking in favor of scrolling so that the viewer’s experience is more interactive and efficient. It is easy to scroll through the whole site to see what interests the viewer and deserves a deeper look. As dynamic as the world and technology is today, change seemed to be the operable theme. We plan to update the site regularly with new projects, work in process and news of awards and other important links. It will take some getting used to as a living site, but again that is the way it should be.