Modern Plaster Ceiling Vault


Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is one of the most innovative ceiling products we have used in the last several years.  Traditionally, vaults and other complicated vaulted ceiling structures had to be formed with a complicated steel channel and light gauge framing system suspended from pencil rods or wires.  The finish on top of the system was usually a time-consuming and heavy traditional plaster installation involving a scratch coat, brown coat and finish coat.  The work was long and involved.

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Pool House Spray Foam


Recently we have been involved in the renovation of a 30 year old pool house structure that needed to be reconstructed with modern mechanical systems and a better insulation system.  The existing insulation system in the building was a fiberglass batt system with little vapor control.  The system led to degradation of the wood structure that was used in combination with a steel framing.  In redesigning the envelope, the building consultant recommended a sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation system with a vapor barrier on top of the foam to establish a Class I vapor barrier.

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The Website Launch

After living with the web for over 20 years now, I have developed very specific likes and dislikes about websites. In the early years, clicking through all of the layers of a website was fairly novel and was a little like leafing through the papers in a file drawers, something we were once all very familiar with. It seemed like the way the web should be organized – logically, but not particularly efficient. I confess that 

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Awards and Publications

Most of our work remains hidden from the public world. With the exception of the few that get some professional photographs, even the documentation remains simple or at times nonexistent. We had our Dutchess County Residence project published in the 2014 Record Houses edition this year. It was one of our most enjoyable and technically challenging projects. How often do you get to

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